Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Roll Call Vote for HB 2503

From ProKanDo listserve April 29,2005

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a victorious day for pro-choice, pro-woman supporters! Targeted Regulations against Abortion Providers (TRAP) failed to pass for the fourth year in a row!

Please call your legislator today and thank them for their vote to sustain the governor's veto. During veto session, state legislators voted in the following way on HB 2503 (Yea vote = anti-choice, Nay vote = pro-choice):

Yeas –82
Aurand, Beamer, Bethell, Brown, Brunk, Burgess, Carlson, Carter, Colloton, Craft, Dahl, DeCastro, Decker, Edmonds, Faber, Feuerborn, Flower, Freeborn, Gatewood, George, Goico, Grange, Grant, Hayzlett, Henry, C. Holmes, M. Holmes, Horst, Huebert, Humerickhouse, Hutchins, Huy, Jack, E. Johnson, Kelley, Kelsey, Kiegerl, Kilpatrick, Kinzer, Knox, Landwehr, Larkin, Light, Long, Mast, Mays, McCreary, McKinney, McLeland, Merrick, F. Miller, Jim Morrison, Judy Morrison, Myers, Neufeld, Newton, Novascone, O’Malley, O’Neal, Oharah, Olson, Otto, Owens, Pauls, Peck, Pilcher-Cook, Powell, Powers, Ruff, Schwab, Schwartz, B. Sharp, Shultz, Siegfried, Svaty, Swenson, Vickrey, Watkins, Weber, Wilk, Williams, Yoder

Nays –42
Ballard, Burroughs, Carlin, Cox, Crow, Davis, Dillmore, Faust-Goudeau, Flaharty, Flora, Garcia, Gordon, Hawk, Henderson, Hill, Holland, Huff, Huntington, D. Johnson, Kirk, Krehbiel, Kuether, Lane, Loganbill, Loyd, Mah, Menghini, M. Miller, Peterson, Phelps, Pottorff, Roth, Ruiz, Sawyer, S. Sharp, Sloan, Storm, Thull, Treaster, Ward, Winn, Yonally

Absent/ Not voting –1

Our fight in Kansas is far from over.
I would also like to share with you an excerpt from the
Lawrence Journal-World, “[Reverend Terry] Fox, who with Wichita minister Joe Wright, recently spearheaded the push for a constitutional prohibition on same-sex marriage, said his political calendar was now full. "You guys have been asking what's next for us. The list is Gov. Sebelius and the legislators who voted against the override," he said.”

ProKanDo is hard at work building a political base for the 2006 election cycle. We will continue our support of pro-choice, pro-woman legislators and the re-election of Governor Kathleen Sebelius. You can support this work with a contribution.
Contribute today!

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