Wednesday, August 22, 2007

See You at the Carnival

It's always a bit like walking around a county carnival in Wichita, Kansas to see what the Anti-abortion group will do next; dress up like cockroaches, grandstand at Dr. Tiller's place of worship, to flooding a clinic in desperation to prevent women from their legal right to reproductive choices.

The real kick however, is reading the Letters to the Editor in the Wichita Eagle to see how this group of carnies tries to connect everything under the sun to the abomination of abortion. Below are just some of my all time favorite apple/oranges squeezed together to illustrate how abortions are the Alpha and Omega of all activity on earth:

* The Jewish Holocaust was due to abortion supporters
* The Slave Trade was not as horrible as abortions
* 9/11 was caused by hedonistic abortion loving U.S. women
* Katrina was God's wrath against Dr. Tiller's Clinic in Wichita
* Abortion in Wichita is due to the gambling industry trying to infiltrate the good community
* Iraq is the direct result of Roe v. Wade
* Darfur would never have happened if America did not kill the babies

In the spirit of being totally inaccurate and ridiculous like the Anti-abortion camp, I'd like to offer my own list:

* Global Warming is due to the baby killers across America
* Planting trees leads to abortions
* The Space Shuttle is a a flying abortionist clinic
* Texas is big because Americans support abortions
* Coal Miners lose their lives because women have abortions
* Bob Barker left the "Price is Right" due to abortions
* Airplane disasters happen for allowing abortion supporters to fly
* Bubblegum gets in my hair because I am prochoice
* Gun control leads to abortions
* The Bush Administration could not find the WMDs because the abortionists hid them
* Wild West World in Kansas is history due to those elitist, abortion loving, easterners

And, as the summer draws to a close, look for this new line in the Wichita Eagle: If the "Surge" in Iraq fails, it's Dr. Tiller's fault!

-Vickie Sandell Stangl

Monday, August 13, 2007

Anti-Choice Legislator = Anti-Choice Judge??????

That foul stench Wichitans awoke to this morning was the death of impartiality and justice for Dr. George Tiller.

Judge Tony Powell, the very judge assigned by Criminal Court Judge Greg Waller, to rule over the bogus law Dr. Tiller is now being charged with violating, wrote the law in 1998 when he was a Kansas State legislator! Talk about a kangaroo court!

Have the anti-abortion people risen up and declared this would be unfair to Dr. Tiller's case the same way they screamed and rolled around on the sidewalk in front of the Wichita Eagle about Nola Foulston and Attorney General Morrison as being bias in determining the law? That would be a big NO. High standards of conduct and impartiality of the law are expected of the other side, not of the anti-abortion camp.

The anti-abortion camp believes they do not have to follow the law the way ordinary mortals like Dr. Tiller are required to do but they can use the law to manipulate and harass people in order to achieve their ends.

The perfect storm has finally formed over Kansas: the anti-abortion proponents were able to slide their boys and girls into the Kansas State legislature and craft the most offensive, restrictive laws against a woman's access to reproductive choices in the state. The next step was to take over the judges of the land who were to determine the constitutionality of those bogus laws. They finally have a former representative in place who can serve like the biblical judges of the Old Testament to rule "impartially" against Dr. Tiller. God Bless America!

In Kansas, it is as if Roe v. Wade never existed under the law. What Supreme Court Justice Blackmun crafted so carefully and thoughtfully in 1973 has been nit-picked, stabbed and pulled more times than taffy so that today Roe is barely recognizable through the piles of state laws intentionally written to make reproductive choice rare and difficult.

Roe did not stipulate the cumbersome and foolish requirement that a doctor who performs late term abortions must have another doctor sign off on that abortion and better not have any connections to the other doctor such as breathing the same air.

Now, via Attorney General Morrison's attempt to follow "the letter of the bad laws" cooked up by former anti-abortion legislator Tony Powell-Dr. Tiller is in "violation" of said law. (Of course, lawyers and law makers do not seem too concerned about following the letter of the law when it comes to Roe.)

The rotting of justice and the killing of Roe can't be masked by the odor of leather chairs and polished furniture in a courtroom in Wichita. Dr Tiller better have good lawyers because the law has been written to sink him.

Vickie Sandell Stangl

Friday, August 03, 2007

Watch "Libertyville Anti-Choice Protesters"

Watch "Libertyville Anti-Choice Protesters"

Description: Anti-Choice protesters are asked if abortion should be illegal, and then if women obtaining them should be prosecuted.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Target: Reproductive Rights

The U.S. House approved a new initiative last week, which is a shift away from the common Democratic approach to reproductive rights. The new initiative is aimed at discouraging women from getting abortions by providing them with new sets of government support. This won’t make abortion illegal, but rather, is aimed at helping women with health, economic, and educational assistance. The new proposal will grant $647 million for these resources.

This initiative was composed using research done in Kansas during the years 2000 to 2004. The report, released by Catholics United for the Common Good, found a direct correlation between abortion rates and the availability of jobs, health insurance, and Head Start centers. It stated: “Increasing employment opportunities for families, access to education for children, and health insurance for working families can and will decrease the number of abortions.” The report also found that Kansas counties with abortion clinics were actually much less likely to use that healthcare alternative than those who live in counties without clinics, and said: “This suggests that restricting access to abortion clinics does not reduce the incidence of abortion.”

The proposal includes:
• Counseling young women on adoption.
• Launch an ad campaign to inform women that they can receive healthcare and other resources if they are “preparing for birth.”
• Expanding parenting education.
• Providing medical services for pregnant women, in some cases sending nurses to their homes.
• Offer day care services at federal job-training centers to help new mothers become self-sufficient.

These steps towards better equipping women with the necessities such as pre-natal care and birthing rights are just pure common sense. However, it’s important that this proposal doesn’t limit reproductive rights, but rather helps families in need. ProKanDo has been a long time supporter of these plans that aid families. This could be a great opportunity for women to gain assurance that they will not be thrown under the bus by the government, but given new opportunities not only to them, but also their children.

While these are great steps forward, we must remember to not sweep reproductive rights under the rug. This plan will work 100% of the time in an ideal world, but realistically, unintended pregnancies will occur, and we must be willing to provide women who need reproductive healthcare services the care that they need and deserve. We must work towards destigmatizing women’s reproductive health care. This initiative is something we must work into a system we’ve already created, not a substitution for women’s rights like many social-conservatives would like to see happen. This plan, unequivocally, cannot equate sacrificing reproductive rights.

This recent initiative is one that has been needed in our country for decades. It’s about time that this be adopted. It isn’t hard to see the broad range of positive effects of health care for women; providing children with a stronger education that is more accessible; and creating day-care at job training centers. This would help fuel the economy in multiple ways and provide a better future for all those involved.

Other ideas that have yet to be approved are funding maternity and day-care centers on college campuses to allow women an alternative to having to drop out in order to take care of their children. In addition, offering access to contraceptives and comprehensive sex education would be a substantial step forward in preventing unintended pregnancies.

Ensuring women’s equal rights has been overlooked far too long in this country. This could be a step towards gaining the equality women have long-fought to achieve. Let’s not forget along the way, however, to provide access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services, which is also a component of women’s equality.

Brownback Girl