Wednesday, August 22, 2007

See You at the Carnival

It's always a bit like walking around a county carnival in Wichita, Kansas to see what the Anti-abortion group will do next; dress up like cockroaches, grandstand at Dr. Tiller's place of worship, to flooding a clinic in desperation to prevent women from their legal right to reproductive choices.

The real kick however, is reading the Letters to the Editor in the Wichita Eagle to see how this group of carnies tries to connect everything under the sun to the abomination of abortion. Below are just some of my all time favorite apple/oranges squeezed together to illustrate how abortions are the Alpha and Omega of all activity on earth:

* The Jewish Holocaust was due to abortion supporters
* The Slave Trade was not as horrible as abortions
* 9/11 was caused by hedonistic abortion loving U.S. women
* Katrina was God's wrath against Dr. Tiller's Clinic in Wichita
* Abortion in Wichita is due to the gambling industry trying to infiltrate the good community
* Iraq is the direct result of Roe v. Wade
* Darfur would never have happened if America did not kill the babies

In the spirit of being totally inaccurate and ridiculous like the Anti-abortion camp, I'd like to offer my own list:

* Global Warming is due to the baby killers across America
* Planting trees leads to abortions
* The Space Shuttle is a a flying abortionist clinic
* Texas is big because Americans support abortions
* Coal Miners lose their lives because women have abortions
* Bob Barker left the "Price is Right" due to abortions
* Airplane disasters happen for allowing abortion supporters to fly
* Bubblegum gets in my hair because I am prochoice
* Gun control leads to abortions
* The Bush Administration could not find the WMDs because the abortionists hid them
* Wild West World in Kansas is history due to those elitist, abortion loving, easterners

And, as the summer draws to a close, look for this new line in the Wichita Eagle: If the "Surge" in Iraq fails, it's Dr. Tiller's fault!

-Vickie Sandell Stangl

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Anonymous said...

Could you please stop calling my home telephone (785)272-2646. Even when I answer, there is nothing on the phone. Poor business if you are trying to make a point.