Friday, May 11, 2007

Spy vs. Spy

Headlines in Kansas, that’s something ProKanDo is used to. Making our way to the Wall Street Journal Online, that’s new. Here’s the beef:

Antichoice Double Agent

Kansas has a new law making it a crime to harm an unborn child, the Wichita Eagle reports.

"Alexa's Law" was a response to the murder of 14-year-old Chelsea Brooks, who was pregnant with a girl she intended to name Alexa. Brooks's boyfriend is now charged with murder for hire.

But as the Eagle notes, "not everyone approved of the governor's actions" in signing Alexa's Law:

The abortion-rights group ProKanDo and others opposed to Alexa's Law had lobbied for a measure that would increase penalties for harming a pregnant woman while not defining the fetus as a separate person.

They say laws like Alexa's Law have done little to protect women in the states where they are already on the books.

"What we need are laws that will place value on the lives of the women who give life," said Julie Burkhart, director of the abortion-rights group ProKanDo.

Huh? 'The women who give life'? What does 'life' have to do with the right to choose? Is Julie Burkhart secretly in the employ of the antichoice Christianist fanatics?”
This is insanity, people! Why on earth would a group who favors a woman’s right to reproductive health also want to respect her entire well-being?? Oh wait…now that I’ve typed it out, it actually does make sense.

But seriously folks….

Julie Burkhart as a double agent? Let’s just file that one under “Things that only happen in an alternate universe.”

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